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From en-term back + en-term country.


  1. A remote region; the boondocks.

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A backcountry area in general terms is a geographical region that is:
  • isolated
  • remote
  • undeveloped
  • difficult to access
The term may apply to various regions that are reasonably close to urban areas but are:
  • not immediately accessible by road
  • at relatively high altitude
  • not frequented by human visitors
  • limited to human-powered visitors
While the term "backcountry" is roughly comparable to the term "wilderness", they are not necessarily equivalent. "Wilderness" implies more the condition whereas "backcountry" implies more the position. Backcountry is similar to hinterland. There is some debate about the accessibility of people by means other than human power. While wilderness is a state of mind that implies pristine and untouched landscapes, backcountry serves as areas of land explored exclusively by human power. Wilderness exists in many places, including the backcountry.
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